Therapeutic method originating in Japan

You’ve probably heard of this technique, but how does it work?

Of Japanese origin, the word Shiatsu has “shi” which means fingers and “atsu” which means the pressure that is performed during the massage, ie Shiatsu means pressure with the fingers.

In addition to the fingers, the practicing therapist uses his elbows, knees and hands to perform the technique on his patient, Shiatsu besides its extremely precise movements has a holistic view in which it believes that each of us has a vital energy that must flow in a way for the proper functioning of the human body.

In ancient Eastern medicine it was believed that people became ill when there was an imbalance of energy channels, ie factors such as stress, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle caused illness.

Starting from this idea massage promotes the health and well-being that is so necessary for the maintenance of human health, shiatsu is currently one of the most health promoting techniques in the world.

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