The Roman Empire and the emergence of the term SPA

It is mistaken who believes that ancient Rome contributed only to the development of technologies and political governance, in addition to all its importance in these many factors, the italic civilization that can be considered until today the greater existing empire also contributed to the advance of well-being and health of mankind.

The ancient term “Spa” comes from the name of a small Belgian town that was part of the great Roman Empire, is located near the region now known as Liége in eastern Belgium. In this city were held the so-called “thermal massages”. These ancient hydromineral resorts used to be frequented by the Roman high society, as the thermal waters found in this region were known for their extremely healing and rejuvenating properties, so the term “Spa” soon gained the meaning of bringing health through the water.

However, the term Spa became popular in the late 20th century, meaning that it is a space where water or steam treatments are usually performed, which are usually complemented by massage or non-invasive medical treatments. Spas are now popular places for people seeking rest, relaxation and well-being.

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