The oldest technique of natural massage

Indian medicine is considered one of the most important and complex of all humanity and from it emerged the Ayurvedic massage that is considered the most complete and oldest technique of natural massage.

Ayurvedic massage is a powerful technique that faces the human being in its entirety, that is, it is not only the physical or mental part, but both. By mixing the methods of Ayurveda and Yoga it allows the balance between body mind and energy which makes people calmer and patient.

Admissions state that Ayurvedic massage reduces depressive symptoms, emotional blockages and realigns posture, which allows for prevention against respiratory diseases.

About eighty per cent of the population of India lives in villages where this ancient practice still lives on, since practice helps in rejuvenation. In rural areas, this massage is considered routine and Indian pros has already become something familiar. In the more urban areas, due to the demanding rhythm of the cities, this tradition still exists, but of less intense form.

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