The holistic view of Thai Massage

The Thai Massage is an ancient healing therapy of Thai origin and aims to balance the internal energy that inhabits the human being and aims at the balance of muscle tone. It is undoubtedly the most complete technique in body work and the professional who masters this practice must observe the person in a holistic way ie body, mind and spirit.

This holistic view of Thai Massage allows the practitioner to get to the real cause of the patient’s problem and not just the patient’s symptoms. Massage is done with specific parts of the therapist’s body such as thumbs, feet and knees. The main movements performed during the massage are compression and deep stretching that make the patient more flexible and less stressed.

Thai Massage because of its holistic vision, allows the symptoms of stress and anxiety to be softened, its touches softened in specific points of the human body allows control of the energies, because of this, the technique has been increasingly sought by lovers of massotherapy, despite its fame related to sexuality, massage has as main purpose the total relaxation and well being of the patient.

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